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Development and production
Of special machines and complete factories

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Robotic test benches Mac Panther GmbH from Bremen

Robotic test benches

Since the early nineties Mac Panther has supplied leading powertool and tool companies around the world with our test benches. Based on the changing demands of our customers we developed a new generation of test benches. As a result, we introduced in 2009 our robotic test bench (MP-RT) to the market.

Developed initially for the use with rotary hammers and hammer drill bits, our customers have shown us that the capability of our MP-RT covers practically more or less the total range of the testing of powertools and their associated tools. Angle grinders and disc sanders and their tools e.g. are being tested by our partners.

Robotic test benches

Realistic test results are ensured by the use of a sophisticated hand-arm system which allows the powertool to act as if it is being held by an operator. The material to be worked with, be it a block of concrete or a square steel bar is fixed outside the test-robot in the same way as it would be under normal conditions, thus avoiding misleading results due to vibrations or similar effects.

The powertool is connected via the hand-arm system to the robot and the robot positions the powertool in relation to the test material. This increases the flexibility compared to standard gantry crane solutions, because the robot can operate the powertool in every direction. The extensive operating distance of the robot arm enables the positioning of at least ten times more test samples (such as granite or concrete) than with conventional test benches. This allows long comparative series of tests, reduces the usual high additional costs associated with frequent changes of test material and - most important – makes it possible to run tests without personnel being on-site. – For certain powertools an automatic manless tool change system can be installed as well, thus enabling the MP-RT to work 24 hours and 7 days a week with an operator supervising only the first shift.

Screenshot Robotic test benches

Such a system will give you test results three to four times faster than with conventional test benches and your operator cost will be reduced proportionally.

During the testing of powertools a wide range of parameters are continuously recorded and can be evaluated and displayed in graphical or tabular form in other programs. For rotary hammers for example this will include hole by hole drilling speed, drilling depth, power consumption and temperature. The intelligent structure of the test program ensures comparable results even with non-homogeneous (and thus problematic) materials like concrete.

Depending on the customer`s wishes, vibration, noise, drillbit diameter reduction and other information can be measured as well. Starting from our standard MP-RT we can supply you with the test bench for your needs.

These are some of the main advantages of the robotic test bench MP-RT:

  • Wide range of powertools and associated tools can be tested
  • Working in all directions
  • Hand-arm system generates realistic data comparable to operator based results
  • Longer uninterrupted test runs, because more test material is placed in the working range of the MP-RT
  • aster test results and lower operator costs
  • Comfortable software for evaluating and presenting the test results
  • Together with you, our customer, Mac Panther can build the test bench that you always wanted to have. Tell us of your requirements.
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Together with you, our customer, Mac Panther can build the test bench that you always wanted to have. Tell us of your requirements.