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Development and production
of special machines and complete factories

 cold forming.

Development and production
Of special machines and complete factories

 cold forming in Bremen

Flute whirling machines from Mac Panther

Flute whirling machines

Tangential flute whirling machines from Mac Panther are your first choice when you have to produce helixes in steel, e.g. for wood or hammer drill bits. Tangential whirling, developed by us in the early 90`s, will produce your parts with cutting speeds of over 1000 m/min in shortest cycle times.

The rigid construction of the machine together with a highly efficient CNC program enables synchronous and upcut whirling of flutes, thus eliminating the non-productive time for a twin spiral drill bit almost completely and achieving even shorter cycle times.

Each machine is designed so that they cover one large dimensional range without compromising cycle times. So for example, the MP-DOSPI-25 machine is capable of machining drill bits with a length of 70 – 650 mm and a diameter of 3.5 – 25 mm. Machines which we have supplied are being used for drill bits up to 40 mm in diameter and 1000 mm long.

Production Example Spiraling

CNC control allows the greatest possible freedom in the design of drill flutes. Variable helix angles, various web thicknesses, body diameters or even flute cross-sections are possible.

The flute ramp at the end of the spiral in particular – always a critical area for small diameter hammer drill bits – can be produced so smooth, that as a result a significantly lower risk of breaking is achieved. Special software and drill handling systems prevent expensive crashes caused by very long or bent blanks.

Because tangential whirling is a dry cutting process there is no need for expensive after-treatment of the chips and workpieces.
Cycle times are further halved due to the double machine design with the same space requirements and only slightly higher machine prices as for a single machine.

The machines can be deployed individually or as part of a chain in assembly lines.

Practical examples:

  • Hammer drill bit 10 x 160 mm: Cycle time 5.1 sec
  • Hammer drill bit 18 x 160 mm: Cycle time 16.3 sec

The actual output is twice as high, because of the double machine design. Mac Panther in Bremen is your reliable partner for the economical production of quality drill bits.