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Development and production
of special machines and complete factories

 cold forming.

Development and production
Of special machines and complete factories

 cold forming in Bremen

Material handling equipment from Bremen

Mac Panther in Bremen is your first address for professional material handling technology.

Our bulk material magazines are universally applicable. For example, the MP/SM-1 standard magazine can process parts with a length of 50 – 650 mm and with a diameter of 3.5 – 60 mm.

A change over for different parts is in general not necessary, but if needed, it takes less than five minutes. The parts are gently and rapidly (every two to four seconds) lifted from the bulk material magazine in the correct position on to conveyors for further processing. Connecting our magazines with existing machines is made very easy by the magazines own PLC (programmable logic controller) system.

Material handling equipment

Filling-up the magazines with components in combination with fast working machines is normally a very tiring and manpower intensive job. Mac Panther has a unique solution for this problem:

Our component lifting trolleys serve as transport containers for the parts as well as filling-up devices for the magazines.

Material handling equipment

They bring the parts to the machines where the trolleys are coupled with the magazines. The parts are then lifted by the movable trolley bottom into the magazine without hand usage. As a nice side-effect the storage capacity of the magazines is thus tripled.

Our reloading stations are completing the Mac Panther material handling system, which can gently empty the parts from large containers into the Mac Panther component lifting trolleys.

The three components

  • Bulk material magazine
  • Parts lifting trolley
  • Reloading station

form a completely integrated and closed system for the efficient handling of mass production parts. The system with its components can be seen in continuous operation in our factory in Bremen.