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Development and production
of special machines and complete factories

 cold forming.

Development and production
Of special machines and complete factories

 cold forming in Bremen

special-purpose machines and much more
Mac Panther GmbH in Bremen

Mac Panther GmbH was founded in Bremen in1993 as a company to develop and produce special purpose machines and complete manufacturing plants.

From the start this area of activity was complemented by benchmarking and the development of hammer drills. In 1996 we added the third mainstay of our business – the production of cold formed parts. In 2000 Mac Panther moved into their newly built company headquarters at Bremen Airport. Having sufficient space in this excellent location enables us to also continue the long-term further growth of our company.

At the site Bremen we manufacture in a three-shift operation using the latest machinery predominantly developed in-house. This gives interested visitors to our factory in Bremen the opportunity to see our special-purpose machines in continuous operation