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Development and production
of special machines and complete factories

 cold forming.

Development and production
Of special machines and complete factories

 cold forming in Bremen

Mac Panther GmbH
Professional cold forming from Bremen

Cold forming involves the plastic deformation of materials through high compressive stresses at room temperature. This process not only influences the form of the object but also its essential material characteristics. So e.g., extreme changes of shape can often cause strain hardening of the material which leads to an increase in the yield strength and tensile strength, hardness and resistance to deformation. This often means that a subsequent heat treatment is unnecessary. Furthermore, it creates surfaces with a very low degree of roughness. As cold forming does not destroy the structure of the material and the fibre flow is preserved, cold forged components are distinguished by their very good fatigue strength.

The multi-station coldformers in our factory in Bremen can process steel coil and steel bars in the following dimensional ranges and finishes:

  • Wires from 3.5 to 23 mm diameter and
  • workpiece lengths from 50 to 310 mm (in special cases up to 600 mm in length)
  • Steel materials up to and including stainless steels

High degrees of deformation are achieved, especially in impaction extrusion. In addition, we are constantly extending the boundaries of cold forming through our extensive development work.

The modern multi-station coldformers are often able to produce even complicated parts without the need for further finishing stages. Moreover, since the volume of material to be machined is minimized, cold forming is a very material-efficient technology. Furthermore, with cycle times of up to 140 parts per minute, the processing times are far lower than with machining.

Profile and thread rolling machines as well as rotary swaging machines, both of the latest industry standard, are used in combination with our coldformers or as a standalone operation mainly for our automotive customers.

Mac Panther in Bremen can also provide subsequent worksteps, such as end machining, automatic concentricity checking combined if necessary with the straightening of parts, eddy current crack detection and surface treatment. These processes involve our self-developed special material handling equipment and special-purpose machines.

Our cold forming plant in Bremen is designed for the production of mass-produced parts in a three-shift operation. We are also happy to advise you personally on our complete cold forming services.

We are also happy to advise you personally on our complete cold forming services.